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A school management system is a comprehensive software platform designed to streamline and manage various administrative and academic tasks within an educational institution. Earn Spot School Management system serves as a centralized digital tool that enables efficient organization, automation, and monitoring of activities related to student information, teacher details, academic curriculum, attendance records, examinations, timetable scheduling, fee management, and communication between stakeholders.

Core Feature of Best School Management System

Preset Fee Templates:

These templates are pre-designed formats for managing fees, which can be easily customized to suit different payment structures, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in fee management.

Animated 24/7 Help:

The School Management System offers animated, interactive assistance available at all times. These engaging visuals help users navigate through the platform’s features, troubleshoot issues, and provide step-by-step guidance.

Easy Lesson Planner:

Our School Management system offers Easy Lesson Palnner. This feature provides a user-friendly interface for teachers to plan and organize lessons. It allows them to create, schedule, and manage lesson plans, including resources, objectives, and assessments, streamlining the teaching process.

Unlimited Flexible Student Data Fields:

Users have the freedom to create and manage an unlimited number of custom data fields for student information. This allows for detailed and tailored student record-keeping based on specific needs or preferences.

To-Do Notifications:

Users receive notifications for pending tasks, deadlines, or upcoming events, helping them stay organized and ensuring that important activities are not overlooked.

The school management system includes a robust search function within the menu, enabling users to swiftly locate and access specific features, modules, or information without navigating through multiple pages.

Favorite Module Bookmarking:

Users can bookmark their frequently accessed modules for quick and easy retrieval, saving time and improving productivity.

One Device Login:

This security feature restricts student access to the platform to a single device at a time, ensuring that accounts are used by authorized individuals only.

Multipoint Analytics:

Advanced analytics tools provide insights into various aspects of student performance, engagement, and behavior across multiple touchpoints within the platform.

Reliable Payment Gateway:

The Best School Management system integrates a secure and dependable payment gateway, ensuring safe and seamless transactions for financial interactions such as fee payments or purchases.

Block/Unblock Student Access:

Administrators or educators have the ability to manage student access by temporarily blocking or unblocking their access to the app as needed.

Instant Communication:

Users can easily initiate communication through one-click calling, SMS, or WhatsApp messaging directly within the platform, facilitating quick and efficient communication between stakeholders.

Notice Board with Multimedia Attachments:

A digital notice board feature allows sharing important announcements or information, supporting attachments of PDFs, images, and videos for more engaging communication.

QR Code Attendance:

Simplify attendance tracking by generating QR codes for each class or session, enabling students to scan and register their attendance quickly and accurately.

Class-Wise Syllabus Presentation:

The syllabus is presented in an easily understandable format, organized by class or grade level, outlining topics, learning objectives, and timelines.

Customizable Homepage:

Users can personalize their homepage by setting preferred modules, tools, or information for quick and convenient access upon logging in.

Easy Data Download:

The school management system allows users to download data effortlessly in PDF or Excel formats, facilitating analysis, reporting, and record-keeping.

User’s Common Group:

A shared group space enables users to collaborate, exchange ideas, and share useful tips or resources within a community setting.

Belongings Identification via QR Scan:

Implementing QR codes for identifying and retrieving personal belongings simplifies management and helps individuals locate their items efficiently through scanning.

Tags System for Student Categorization:

This school management system allows the categorization of students based on specific tags or labels. It enables easy sorting and grouping of students according to various criteria such as grades, subjects, interests, or any other customizable tags.

Personal Record Book for Staff and Students:

This school management system provides a digital platform where both staff and students can maintain and manage their personal records. Staff can keep track of their professional achievements, tasks, and performance, while students can maintain academic records, achievements, and extracurricular activities.

Secure Pin Lock:

This is a security feature that enables users to secure their accounts or access to the application using a unique personal identification number (PIN). It adds an extra layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Student Quick Overview:

This school management system offers a concise and comprehensive overview of a student’s details, including their academic progress, attendance, grades, and other relevant information. It allows for quick access to essential student data.

Offline Student and Staff Search and Profile Access:

This school management system enables users to search for and access student and staff profiles even when offline. It ensures that necessary information can be retrieved and viewed without an internet connection.

This functionality simplifies the login process by providing direct and secure login links for staff and students. It eliminates the need to manually enter IDs and passwords, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Custom Personalized SMS:

This school management system allows personalized and customizable SMS messages to be sent to students, staff, or parents. It facilitates communication for various purposes such as announcements, reminders, event notifications, etc.

Password Reset via OTP:

The “Password Reset via OTP” feature offers users a secure and convenient method to reset their account passwords. When a user forgets their password, instead of following traditional methods involving email verification or security questions, this feature allows them to initiate a password reset process using a one-time passcode (OTP).

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Request for Password Reset: When a user forgets their password, they can select the “Forgot Password” option on the login page of the application.
  2. OTP Generation: The system generates a unique one-time passcode (OTP) and sends it to the user’s registered mobile number or email address associated with their account.
  3. OTP Verification: The user receives the OTP and enters it into the designated field within the application to confirm their identity.
  4. Password Reset: Once the OTP is successfully verified, the user gains access to a password reset page where they can create a new password for their account.
  5. Security Measure: This method ensures security by requiring possession of the registered mobile number or email address linked to the account, adding an additional layer of verification before allowing the password change.
Dark Mode for Eye Comfort:

The “Dark Mode for Eye Comfort” feature alters the color scheme of the application’s interface to a darker palette. This mode aims to reduce the strain on users’ eyes, especially in low-light conditions or during extended periods of use. By employing darker backgrounds with lighter text and elements, it creates a contrast that can be more soothing to the eyes, potentially decreasing eye fatigue and making the viewing experience more comfortable for users.

Same Experience on Laptop/Tablet/Mobile:

The “Same Experience on Laptop/Tablet/Mobile” feature ensures that users have a consistent and uniform experience while using the application across different devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Regardless of the device being used, the application’s interface, functionality, features, and overall user experience remain consistent and cohesive. This means that whether a user accesses the application from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, they will encounter similar layouts, options, and capabilities.

The design and usability of the application are optimized to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and device types, ensuring that users can navigate, access information, and perform tasks with familiarity and ease, regardless of the device they choose to use. This feature aims to provide a unified and convenient experience across multiple platforms, allowing users the flexibility to access the application from their preferred devices while maintaining consistency in usage and functionality.

Full-Screen Mode for Undistracted Working:

The best school management system provides users with the option to maximize the application window, filling the entire screen of their device. By activating this mode, all peripheral elements, menus, or other distractions typically present on the screen are hidden, allowing users to focus solely on the content or task at hand.

This creates an environment conducive to concentration and productivity, minimizing interruptions and maximizing the available workspace within the application for a more immersive and focused working experience.

Built on Latest Technology, Fastest Among All:

The Best School Management system application is developed using cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal performance and speed. It prioritizes efficiency and responsiveness, providing a faster user experience compared to other similar platforms.

Swipe Left-Right for Quick Attendance:

The “Swipe Left-Right for Quick Attendance” feature allows a straightforward method to take attendance within the application. Instead of manually selecting options or tapping individual names, this feature enables staff members to mark attendance swiftly by swiping left or right on the screen.

For instance, a simple swipe gesture to the left or right could signify the presence or absence of students, respectively, streamlining the attendance-taking process and saving time during classes or sessions.

Image Upload with Crop/Resize:

The “Image Upload with Crop/Resize” feature enables users to add images to the application and make adjustments to their size and dimensions. Users can upload images from their device’s storage and then perform actions such as cropping (trimming unwanted portions of the image) or resizing (changing the image’s dimensions) directly within the application.

This functionality ensures that uploaded images can be adjusted to fit specific requirements or constraints, allowing for better customization and presentation within the application.

Facebook/Twitter Page in App for Social Promotion:

The “Facebook/Twitter Page in App for Social Promotion” feature integrates the official Facebook and Twitter pages of the application directly within the app interface. This allows users to access and engage with the application’s social media profiles without leaving the app.

By incorporating these social media pages within the app, it promotes social interaction, encourages users to follow, share, or interact with the application’s content on these platforms, and facilitates seamless communication and promotion between the app and its social media audience.

What you get in School Management system

  1. Student Attendance with analysis
  2. Examination Management
  3. Accounting
  4. User Profile Directory
  5. Admission enquiry
  6. Dynamic Easy Website
  7. Digital Visiting Card
  8. Task Management
  9. School Calendar
  10. School Scheduler
  11. Communication – SMS and Notice board
  12. Lesson Planner
  13. Follow up
  14. Transport Management
  15. HR Management
  16. Subject & Units
  17. Analytics
  18. Document generation
  19. Fee Management
  20. Video Library
  21. Digital Study Material
  22. Live/recorded Class
  23. Group Study
  24. Library Management
  25. Hostel Management
  26. Inventory Management


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