Fundamentals of Naming your Brand

A brand name is not just about how it looks on your business card or at the header of your website, it’s more than that. The foremost significance of a brand name is that must be able to communicate a few things about your brand with its customers, right at their first glance. Your brand name has an impact on the success of your enterprise. So choosing the correct brand name is an important step that lies within every brand development strategy, for it tells the public what your brand eventually stands for.

Your brand name must possess the following:-

  • Meaning: It should be able to unravel your brand essence, manifest an image and should cultivate a positive spiritual relationship.
  • Distinct: It must be unique, out of the box enough to be memorable and distinctive from your rivals.
  • Accessible: Make sure people can feasibly interpret it, pronounce it or look up on the Internet.
  • Long-term: It should be relevant and adaptable as the company grows with time.
  • Visual vigor: The color and font of your brand name plays an important factor in customer’s reaction. Color and font creates a strong association that can work for or against your brand.

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