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Program Name Auto CAD - Mastery
Eligibility Information Technology, Core Engineering Students From Electronics and Comunication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering or any specilization
Duration2 months (8 weeks)
Perk Flexible work hours, 5 days in a week.
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Why Choose Our Auto CAD Program?

     1. Hands-On Learning   

  • Practice using AutoCAD on real projects for practical experience.
  • Learn skills in drafting, 2D/3D modelling, and design for better job opportunities.

      2. Mentorship and Career Help

  • Connect with potential employers to open doors for future job opportunities.
  • Get guidance from experienced AutoCAD users for industry insights.              

      3. Engaging Program: 

  • Contribute to cutting-edge projects using the latest AutoCAD features.
  • Work in a collaborative and supportive environment with fellow interns and professionals.

       4. Additional Benefits:

  • Earn a competitive stipend while gaining experience.
  •  Increase your chances of securing a full-time job after impressing with your skills.  

What You'll Learn

AutoCAD is a powerful software used for 2D and 3D drafting, design, and documentation. Mastering it opens doors to exciting careers in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and more. If you’re considering an AutoCAD internship or course, here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to learn: AutoCAD is a powerful software used for 2D and 3D drafting, design, and documentation. Mastering it opens doors to exciting careers in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and more. If you’re considering an AutoCAD internship or course, here’s a glimpse into what you can expect to learn:

     1. Drafting Fundamentals:

  • Get familiar with AutoCAD’s workspace, where you draw, and the units you use.
  • Learn about coordinate systems, which are like the grid on your paper, and understand how they help you place things accurately.

      2. Precision Tools and Techniques:

  • Add critical measurements and text labels to your drawings for clear communication and construction.
  • Apply textures and patterns to represent different materials in your designs.

      3. Moving into 3D:

  • Learn to create complex 3D forms by extruding 2D profiles or sweeping them along a path.
  • Build the foundations of your 3D models with basic shapes like cubes, spheres, cones, and cylinders.

      4. Advanced Skills:

  • Dive into the world of parametric objects, where dimensions and relationships govern the model, allowing for dynamic adjustments and increased efficiency.
  • Learn to bring your designs to life with realistic visuals using rendering tools and materials.

      5. Software Integrations:

  • Highlight the program’s focus on cloud platforms like Autodesk Drive, enabling real-time collaboration and project access from anywhere.
  • Introduce mobile apps like Autodesk Sketchbook or AutoCAD 360 Mobile that complement your learning and allow project on-the-go access.

Program Highlights

  1. Specialized Skills: Dive deep into specific areas like drafting architectural drafting, structural engineering drafting, or civil engineering to prepare for targeted careers.
  2. Real-world Collaboration: Work with pretend or real clients on projects to practice your communication and presentation skills, gaining practical experience.
  3. Portfolio Workshops: Learn how to make a top-notch portfolio, showcasing your designs in the best way possible for future employers.
  4. Career Support: Get personal advice from teachers and mentors on your career path, plus help with resumes and interviews in the design field.
  5. Unique Program Perks: Stand out by offering extras like job placement aid, internships, and financial support to attract a diverse group of candidates.
  6. Learn from Pros: Hear from top designers and industry leaders in guest speaker sessions to stay up to date on what’s happening in the design world.
  7. Community Projects: Use your AutoCAD skills for good by contributing to projects that help communities, learning how design can solve real-world problems.
  8. Keep Growing: Stay sharp with continuous learning through workshops and events on the latest tech, software updates, and trends in the design field.

Join Us in Powering Tomorrow

Immerse yourself in our community and sculpt the trajectory of your future! Are you prepared to initiate a fulfilling career in AutoCAD program management? Seize the chance today to commence a journey of transformation, translating expertise into influential projects, and unlocking limitless prospects for personal and professional advancement. Your dynamic exploration in AutoCAD program management commences immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

No prior AutoCAD experience is required. We welcome individuals with a passion for design, creativity, and basic computer skills.

You’ll work on diverse hands-on projects simulating real-world scenarios, including architectural plans, 3D models, and product layouts.

 Master the industry-standard AutoCAD software, covering essential 2D/3D techniques and advanced features like parametric design and rendering.

 Learn from seasoned professionals in the design industry. Receive personalized guidance and feedback from dedicated mentors.

Mastering AutoCAD opens doors to careers in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and more. Our program provides job placement assistance for a competitive edge.

 Choose from full-time, part-time, online, or hybrid formats to fit your schedule and commitments, ensuring flexible access to quality education.

Upon completion, receive a recognized certificate validating your skills, enhancing your resume, and giving a competitive edge in the job market.

 Absolutely! Collaborate with fellow interns, attend events, and build connections with industry professionals to enrich your network.

Program costs vary. Visit our website or contact admissions for detailed information on costs and available financial aid options.

To apply, simply Click on Enroll Now button or by visiting at https://earnspot.in/internship-cum-training-program/enroll-now/  We look forward to reviewing your application!

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