How to market a newly launched mobile application

In this era of post globalisation economy has brought in a wide variety of opportunities for the technological arena. Everything a tip of your finger is the new slogan. In this fast growing world the we wake up and go to bed with mobile phones. Days when mobiles were a luxury is long gone. From cute little kids to the sweet oldies the mobiles and their applications are very well known. The mobile. industry has now turned to be one of the most profitable industries in the world and is expanding tremendously. The consumers are provided with a wide variety of products and applications for their own use and organised lifestyle. It has become the colossal point of attention for Individuals and businesses alike, courtesy of the various Incredible features and opportunities that mobile phones offer. The availability of high speed internet has given the networking system to work at a whole new angle of mobile experience. This is made possible through applications.

The market is tight and very competitive. So in order to bring a new application into the market is very challenging. A proper marketing strategy is to be followed to make this application a success. We have a galaxy of popular and well reserved apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. for communication and socialising and we have a wide range of categories of apps like cooking apps, matrimonial apps, educational apps, booking apps and so on goes the row. A step by step process is to be followed.

Know your market

The first and foremost important factor is to know the market. The market is very volatile and hence requires a detailed and appropriate study to get an idea.

Know your customer

We have to get a detailed idea about our targeted customers as well. E.gif we are creating a gaming app our targeted customers will be the youth, So we have to thus understand the taste and preferences of the targeted customer.

Study the trend

A trend is a very important factor especially in the world of technology. Costumers are fascinated with trend. Thus a proper study on trend is very much effective in the marketing strategy.


Without a plan the product success is near to impossible. A proper planning and controlling is required for the process with a backup plan.

Influencer Sharing

Leveraging the power of influencers can be the best way to drive mass amounts of traffic to your mobile. Also a bunch of tweets from these people can bring a huge crowd.

Appealing website and blog

Every customer goes on a market research on the new application, So a good and appealing website and a good review can give the app a new introduction. Blogs can be used in mobile app promotion in order to drive high quality relevant links and traffic to your mobile app’s landing page or download link.

Prelaunch video and alternate app stores

By bringing out a demo video. before launch can improve the popularity and give customers a familiarity to the app. Also other than relying on a single app store we could try on alternative app stores as well.

Application for awards

It is a highly recommended strategy to apply for awards which will definitely catch the eyes of the catch customers. Although the idea of winning may pitch your app idea you can expect to enjoy a little stardom if we get things right.

Search Engine Optimisation

What if the application pops up before the customer types the requirement in suggestions among the best apps recommended. For this we need an SEO Le. search wee engine optimisation. For this we need to find the best targeted keywords and rate ones to use them.

Impressive app icon

An impressive app icon with well arrange palette of colours can bring an attraction to the look. Some catchy pictures and videos as well will give a final touch.

Launch Date

Launching date is very important and enthusing. A reminder of the launch through social media sites and countdowns gives zest to the people and wait for the launch date impatiently.

App Store optimiser

Just like the SEO the ASO basically. concentrates on the keywords and searching words, keyword density on description etc. With almost half of IPhone users in the US finding apps through search, your app description is one of the most important things you can focus on in your mobile app marketing efforts.


Always promoting your app is not the only way to let the people know. It’s all about that little spark on people to make them run towards you Creating a contest within the app with prizes will help users to download the app and use it. Also remover to keep a reminder of the contest.

Bring a twist

An unexpected idea will click the customers sometimes. Rather than going on with the olden methods we can give new tries as well. With something impulsive and letting it. on to the public will reward us.

Honest Review

Last but not least give honest. replies to the reviews of customers. Because they value i trust and loyalty. Regardless of what customers are saying let them know that issue will be resolved.

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