How to start learn web Developement

Is web development easy? and How can I learn web developement? These are the few questions that arise in every beginners mind. Are you confused between web design and web Development? but here we are talking about web development.

It depends on you, how much interested and serious about it. If you want to learn then you can easily be an expert on web development. There is nothing like it’s so difficult or something like it’s so hard to develop a website like we are usage day to day lot of websites like Facebook, Flipkart, Google etc.

Nowadays it is not a very hard concept anymore, you can easily learn web developement with the help of open source platforms like YouTube, w3school.

If you are reading this blog means you want to become a web developer. You don’t need to study theoretical concepts of something first then do the practice of that.

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Let’s start learning web development….

Stages to follow:

Stages 1 : HTML – you have already heard about it lots of times before. If I am not wrong HTML is a language you have learnt in your school life. Nowadays as you have grown up, even HTML has been grown up too, now there is called HTML5 which is comes in existence.

Source to learn: w3school , GeeksforGeeks, or do internship with earnspot

Stages 2: CSS – we are living in such a society where everybody wants to look beautiful, pretty, to achieve this everyone does makeup. CSS does for HTML. CSS creates beauty on HTML Pages. You can add mouse click events, transition and many more. But as HTML changes to HTML 5, CSS also has been changed to CSS3.

Source to learn: w3school , Tutorial Republic , Java Point

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Stage 3: JavaScript – In previous stage you learnt how your website will look like. Now, we create some useful tasks that your web page elements will do when some activities are performed on your pages like mouse over text, playing pausing Movies etc.

Source to learn: w3school , Tutorials Point, Java Point

Stage 4: BOOTSTRAP – Responsive websites are those website which change its elements alignment spacing according to screen size of the device. BOOTSTRAP is a technology which helps to design a Responsive website.

Source to learn: w3school, Tutorials Point, Java Point

Stage 5: PHP – Nowadays we have lot of works on back end of our web page called server. So to code on server side we need server side scripting language which one is PHP. We have also many other server side scripting language are there like JSP, Asp.net etc. But PHP is easiest and most used Server side scripting language. For Run PHP Program on your local machine you need a local server like LAMP, XAMP, WAMP etc.

Source to Learn: W3school, Tutorials Point, Guru99

Stage 6: MySQL – Now comes to database, we have so many data available to display on web pages. A DBMS stores organize and manage information within a single software application. MySQL is one of the best open source database management available in IT Industry. I am recommending learning PHP language instead of JSP and ASP because it is easy to connect MySQL database with it.

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Source to learn: W3school, MySQL Tutorial, Java Point

There is some adavance technology of web development. I will explain How to learn advance technology of web development in our next blog post.

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